Last couple art fight submissions. Really enjoyed my time on there!


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Now that it’s nearly over, I don’t imagine I’ll be getting any more attacks to return, so it’ll be back to the usually-scheduled nonsense


More art fight. I should get better at drawing dogs.

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I watched the Shulk reveal live this morning but I was way too tired to actually say anything hahah

So, yeah, the leak is pretty much indisputable now. But honestly that’s okay because I am THRILLED with Duck Hunt and Bowser Jr., like, those were actually two of my most wanted characters since I started speculating? Like WOW my most wanted characters were Porky, an Animal Crossing rep, Duck Hunt Dog and Bowser Jr.. THREE OUT OF FOUR IS PRETTY AMAZING

However, with the leak, while the visual evidence is good as confirmed, I still don’t buy the leaker’s word. Reason being that I really think the visual evidence pointed toward it being a video for the ESRB? In the footage, there was an awkward cut from a victory screen to the home run contest. The photo dump was literally just full of trophies with boobs/butts, gambling, crude humor and demons.

And if that’s the case, why would the leaker have any inside information like the remaining newcomers and cut characters? It doesn’t line up. I know there were a few rumors about the leaker owning the game, but that just doesn’t line up with the visual evidence.

Bottom line is, I don’t think we know the entire roster.

Also, I am feeling pretty horrible for Sakurai right now. I am hoping he could have another surprise up his sleeve.

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flatlinedcrackerbox said: Share 10 things about yourself, then send this to 10 of your favourite followers! <3

Oh, hehe thank you!!
I probably won’t send this around since I’m not really good at picking favorites and stuff, but I can answer.

1. I’m going to attempt to land an Artist Alley table at Sakura-Con 2015.
2. I feel like my personality is very similar to Pearl (from Steven Universe).
3. I hate nail polish. Inexplicably, it smells absolutely pungent to me and I actually become ill if I catch whiff of it. I might be allergic or something?
4. My worst fears are mold (especially on food) and burned things.
5. I love inverts. Spiders, tarantulas, scorpions, centipedes, moths, roaches, you name it really.
6. My favorite type of movies are depressing old animated ones about animals.
7. Apparently, angry fat kids are my drawing niche or something.
8. I’m kind of ridiculously picky about cartoons. There’s only a small handful that I’m really into.
9. I don’t watch much TV in general, come to think of it.
10. I have four tarantulas.

More art-fight things.

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some more stuff from art-fight *v*

Still happy about this ‘v’

Attacks for art-fight users Flash, Viscus, Burbled and Goudahanzou.

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being in a fandom long term:urrrrrrrrrrgh not this shitty argument again we've covered this